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Updated: 07/20/2013 08:01:09AM

Is our outrage misdirected?

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There is much concern and even outrage over the verdict in the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. Certainly it was a tragedy and could have been avoided if cooler heads had prevailed. It was the death of yet another young black man. I can understand some of the anger. However, where is the outrage over the many deaths in the inner cities from all the gang violence, drugs, and crime? But the big question is where is the outrage over the millions of deaths of those black babies that have been aborted? The statistics show the overwhelming majority of those aborted are black. But our nation seems okay with that. The black community seems okay with that. Why? We keep electing people into power who continually support this legalized murder. It is our own holocaust. Our outrage is misdirected. The anger is directed to one death when it should be directed at those who support and perform those thousands of murders each day.

It is just a matter of chance (or God’s will) that Trayvon Martin lived 17 years because he could just as easily been aborted. But then the media would have had nothing to sensationalize.

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