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Updated: 03/14/2013 08:03:13AM

I’m glad the

sequester happened

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Congress consists of two houses, (1) the Senate who is supposed to discuss, modify and/or reject the Bills sent to it by (2) the House of Representatives whose main purpose is to bring bills to the Senate. These bills, if approved by the Senate, are then sent to the president for his signature or veto. President Obama keeps speaking of a “do-nothing Congress” but is it the entire Congress or just a do-nothing Senate? I consider myself an Independent, and it really irks me when I see good, valid, proposals (i.e., annual budgets) put forth by the House of Representatives, and the bill is either rejected on arrival or it isn’t even brought up on the floor for discussion and a up/down vote.

And who makes this decision but the leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, who is supported by his Democratic colleagues (possibly out of fear for their future in the Senate?).

President Obama blames the gridlock on a “do-nothing Congress.” When in fact, it is the Democratic-led Do-Nothing Senate that won’t even allow discussion or a vote on the House Bill.

Friends, this is not supposed to be how government works, being held hostage and in gridlock by one man and his minions. I agree we need a new Congress and many of our congressmen and senators need to be replaced, starting with Florida’s Senator Nelson.

When you hear of a do-nothing Congress, just remember it is actually a “Do-Nothing Senate” that is causing the roadblocks for this nation.

Richard (Dick) Hilliard

Lake Wales