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Updated: 03/07/2013 08:01:49AM

The Teflon administration

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We Americans know that every President will do some things you like and some you dislike, and occasionally, the President will make an error or a misjudgment. But, in Obama’s case, it seems every time you turn around, he is doing something we dislike. From Obamacare, to the cover-up of Fast-and-Furious, to the Bengazi catastrophe, to releasing the jailed illegals in Arizona in a feeble attempt to prove a point, to refusing to hold his AG to enforcing the laws of this country, to the scare tactics of the Sequester, etc, etc, etc., and guess what: none of this is Obama’s fault (according to him). Obama won’t take any blame, Holder won’t take any blame, Napoitano won’t take any blame, Clinton won’t take any blame; none of these will take any responsibility for these nefarious actions.

Folks, this is ridiculous. I was taught in the military – you can delegate authority to a subordinate but you can never delegate responsibility – the responsibility remains with you, and if your people screw up, then you screwed up. So to Obama I say, it’s time to own up to your failures. You have screwed around with this country long enough, caused severe racial tension, put our economy in shambles, and degraded our great country’s standing around the world. You are by far the worst president this country has ever had. To Holder I say, you and Obama are the ones responsible for the Fast and Furious debacle, for not enforcing the laws of this land, and you also have been responsible for the racial divides we see happening. To Napolitano – you are also a jerk. When you claim our borders are secure (ha!) and you refuse to enforce immigration laws, and back up your people (ICE) and THEN claim you know absolutely NOTHING about several hundred illegals being released on society, what are you drinking? More of Obama’s Kool-aide perhaps? And Secretary Clinton, with your ever-lasting concussion, blood clots, fainting, sickness, etc, etc, all to avoid telling the truth about Bengazi, you also are another joke on the American people. And you want to run for President in 2016? Whatever happened to “the buck stops here?” In this administration, it seems no one will take any responsibility for anything. It’s “pass the buck,” or just keep talking until the people weary of hearing it and it will go away. Is it any wonder we call this the Teflon administration? Kind of reminds you of Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes – “I know nothing – I see nothing”.

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