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Updated: 12/06/2012 08:00:05AM

Who elected

our president?

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Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States of America because the majority of “voters’ wanted him to keep changing the ‘future’ of our country.

I know the actual process is as follows: The ballots are counted and added up and the candidate that has the majority of votes wins the Electoral College votes assigned to each state, according to their population. The political gurus announce the winner by colors:

Republican is red and Democrat is blue. Each state won by the Republican candidate is marked red. If the Democrat wins,that state is considered blue. The independent votes count but are diluted into those two colors. There are not white, green, purple, black or yellow states. Just red and blue.

That determines the Electoral College votes that finally decide who occupies our White House the following four years.

The Republican candidate Mitt Romney addressed a private group he considered his followers (evidently one was there who was not, probably a spy) when he mentioned that 47 percent of the electoral masses receiving perks from the government would probably vote for his political adversary, Barack Obama.

His opinions were immediately aired by the liberal news media with derogatory comments and full criticism from the Obama camp!

I personally do not believe that a 47 percent group voted for Obama as a block!

I wasn’t to know what percentage of the ‘legit’ voters in those blue states stayed home for one reason or another and ignored the moral and patriotic obligation to cash their vote. I do not claim or believe all those absent voters would cast their votes against Obama but, I am convinced they are certainly who re-elected him.

Cesar Guerra

Lake Wales