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Updated: 11/29/2012 08:00:03AM

I prefer a ‘United’ States

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Thanks Bill Cotterell! I prefer the United States.

I am 79 years old and have spent the last 10 years as a resident of Lake Wales with neighbors from all over the United States and countries of the world.

I learned so much from the 12 physicians I worked with at the Miramar Naval Air Station all of whom were from different states and trained in different medical schools. Having practiced in five different states from Pennsylvania to California I have met some of the most hospitable and appreciative people, tasted most deliciously prepared meals in every continent of the world except one. Luckily my wife and I have had opportunities to see the magnificent landscapes of New Zealand, the mountains of Zermatt, the Museum in Mexico City.

Thank goodness I did not need a visa to visit San Antonio, the Tetons, the fall foliage in North Carolina and New England.

My wife has introduced me to every country she lived in as an army family member while she attended 13 different schools in 12 years of undergraduate studies.

She and I have traveled in every state in the United States except one and we hope to visit there soon.

In all these experiences with one exception we have enjoyed all our encounters. We cannot bare to think of a secession movement.

J. Dale Simmons Lake Wales