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Updated: 10/04/2012 08:00:37AM

If you vote, please take it seriously

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A recent letter to the Editor “BE HAPPY, DON’T WATCH FOX NEWS” Certainly has some merit. It reminds me of song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or for those of you old enough to remember Manard G Krebbs famous saying of Dobie Gillis fame, “ What, me Worry?” For those of us that do worry about our country, our ever escalating unemployment, our top heavy welfare programs, our shrinking standing in the world while we give vast sums of money we don’t have to buy favor. Our friend and enemies burning our flag, killing our people while our administration tells us different stories. Our broken/failing Medical system , our broken Social Security System , our failing Medicare system, a new “Affordable Care Act” (Talk about a contradiction of terms) which defies logic. The list goes on and on. Guns, not guns, thousands of Automatic Machine Guns, given away by our Administration to Mexican drug cartel, not tracked, while the administration complains about Gun Shows and Gun Shops supplying guns to the murderous evil Mexican cartel. I can imagine what they were thinking. If we could just do away with this inconvenient Second Amendment. China is in the process of owning our soul. Russia’s Putin must wait for, “Till I get my second term,” promise. Promise of what? Iran within months of the ability to wipe Isreal off the map and then US, “The great Satan!”

This election is not a referendum on a particular candidate, a particular party, a particular ideology. It is a referendum on keeping OUR Country, the country we love! A way of life, second to none in the world. We must stand firm, God and Country is our mandate! Vote wrong and we stand to lose her and everything we love.

This election is probably the most important in history, $16-plus trillion in debt. Printing $4 billion-plus phony money per month while our economy is falling apart like Italy and Greece. Getting ripe for another world economic power to buy us out! I implore you, please do not watch Fox Network if you do not want to know the truth. Watch one of those other media networks and you will be able to sleep at night! Remember, we are not electing a personality, a character, a charismatic idol, we are electing the man who can stop this current trend of economic madness.

Think this out, and for those of you that feel as I do, continue to watch FOX news, listen to Rush and evaluate the truth that you will never find on NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and maybe even CNN. For these are the Don’t Worry, Be Happy, don’t bother me with the facts networks. That will continue to appeal to those that DO NOT want to be bothered with the truth, those that will cast their vote as programmed!

Marc Golledge

Lake Wales