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Updated: 11/06/2012 07:59:54AM

Your vote — a return on their investment

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Your vote — a return on their investment. Here’s $20. Now go vote. It’s estimated that 9 million Floridians will trek to the polls today. It’s also conservatively estimated that $150 million has been spent by the two presidential campaigns here in the Sunshine State. And that’s just for TV commercials — those things that have replaced actual programming for the past three months. Three months? This number doesn’t begin to include money that’s been poured into 30-second spots by all those cleverly named surrogate groups. It doesn’t begin to factor in what’s been spent up and down the ballot on the brick and mortar mechanics of getting you to the polls. Or the cost per metric ton of junk mail and yard signs.

By the time the political bean counters finish stewing the campaign books, it’s possible the vote you’re about to cast later today could be worth $30, $40, $50 or more. It’s been said freedom isn’t free. This year it’s actually been given a price tag. Move over citrus. Voting could well be Florida’s No. 1 cash crop.

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