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Executive orders won’t fix problem
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Updated: 01/27/2013 08:00:16AM

Executive orders won’t fix problem

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President Obama ordered Vice President Biden to conduct an official hearing to find out what needed to be done to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. After learning of the recommendation contained in the VP’s report, President Obama signed 23 Executive Orders based on that report. It is my belief that the majority of those Orders didn’t change, fix or even approach the real problem. Is it that difficult to understand that it is people who kill other people? Any type of weapon or instrument can be used to commit murderous crimes.

Some of the President’s edicts direct Attorney General Eric Holder to enforce the prohibition of selling assault weapons, ammo clips holding more than ten cartridges and establishing a more strict background check of buyers of firearms and so on and so on.

Does the federal government really believe a potential murderer or gangster will buy firearms from a registered gun dealer?

By the way, isn’t Eric Holder involved, one way or another, in the federal fiasco known as Fast and Furious? Surely some ‘top’ federal officials must have some knowledge of the sell and transfer of those weapons to the Mexican drug cartel criminals. Gun control ... eh?

One of the new Orders contemplate spending four billion dollars to hire more police officers. Isn’t the hiring of those officers interfering with municipal duties and prerogatives? That could be construed as an intrusion into the responsibility and business of each state or city through the entire country.

United States is a republic, not a kingdom. Obama is our president not our king ... does he really think he is our monarch?

I noticed that Obama did not include an Order to censure or condemn the violence contained in the products coming from his friends in the movie industry and television programming industry. He didn’t even touch that subject.

President Obama stated that his mandate for firearms control does not and will not include the confiscation of weapons presently owned by law-abiding American citizens. Really? We must remain alert in this regard.

I remember Fidel Castro stating during one of his lengthy night speeches: Armas, Para Que? The English version is: weapons for what? Well, after he confiscated every firearm, Castro felt safe enough to impose his communist doctrine. Repeat to yourself, firearms ... for what?

In conclusion, I believe Vice President Biden’s commissioned findings, and Obama’s Executive Orders are nothing else but more hot smoke billowed in our face.

Cesar GuerraLake Wales