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Updated: 01/06/2013 07:59:59AM

Learn to love

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I wish to comment on Mr. Frisbie’s letter of Dec. 22. I have enjoyed Mr. Frisbie’s editorials from the time my wife and I moved to Bartow in 1969. The letter titled “Santa? Absolutely!” is the best one ever in my humble opinion. Yes, there is a Santa Claus if only in our hearts no matter what the grumps and naysayers think or have to say.

And the other subject Mr. Frisbie addressed in regard to God; he was right on with that too. And the reason for my wishing to address the subject. God or His son, Jesus, has never been real popular with the major portion of humanity. However, if folks believe it or not, God created this world and sent His son to reach out to humanity because He loved us so much He chose to go to all lengths to convince us of His affection for humanity. Those of us that read and believe the Bible are convinced beyond any doubt there is a God, a Heaven and Jesus. Jesus is the one that willingly gave His life on a Roman cross in the most horrific way possible to intercede for a bunch of idiots that thought they could stop God’s work in the lives of His created beings. The same mentality is telling us to hush and not speak of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice in public places such as our schools and government meetings.

Well you can kick all you want but the facts stay the same. God loves you more than anyone. He wants you to accept His son, Jesus, as your Lord and Savior so you can be with them in Heaven one day. That’s simple, isn’t it? Even an idiot can understand it. But don’t tell anyone. They may learn to love each other rather than hate.

Mike Goff