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Look for reasons for violence
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Updated: 12/20/2012 08:00:02AM

Look for reasons for violence

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I pray for the survivors of the victims of the horrendous killings in Connecticut. No words, regardless of how eloquent or good intentioned can bring back their loved ones that died because an obviously deranged perpetrator of these senseless murders.

Many voices will rise once again claiming and demanding for a strict control of firearms. As far as I remember, I owned at one time or another rifles, shotguns, and handguns, but it never crossed my mind to aim one at any of my fellow human beings. You may want to know my reason for having a gun that could cause harm or even death. I can enumerate some of them here: I like target shooting, and even knowing that some of my friends don’t like it, hunting. One very personal reason is that I like to have weapons for self-defense. Yes, self-defense ... ! I stated before and I say it again, I am lucky so far that I have never needed to point my gun in harms way!

We must analyze and find the reason people use weapons to hurt, maim, or kill another person before going deep into the subject of the rights to own and bear firearms.

I want to make it very clear I understand firearms are by far the deadliest of all but it is a fact that any other artifact ever used, invented or created by humans can cause pain or death; a machete, a knife, an ax, a hammer, a crowbar...and even regular stones ... Yes, you name it ... Any solid thing on the face of this earth could be used to kill, but that object didn’t do the deed all by itself. It was a human who used the ‘weapon.’

Many people get killed by motorized vehicles and let’s don’t forget that all those vehicles are highly regulated and licensed. Are those vehicles indicted, found guilty and condemned of murder or manslaughter? Definitely not! The human drivers are. Anything can and could be a deadly weapon!

Finally about weaponry ... Very early in my life I learned about the first killing ... I remember reading in the Bible that Cain killed his brother Abel with no reasonable justification. Why did he do that? I don’t know. I learned Cain did not use a firearm. Is it possible that from the very beginning of time violence was in human minds? I do not have any answer ... I don’t know.

I believe it is time to pinpoint the reasons for these current common tragedies.

On a daily basis, the printed or televised media makes a point to inform all of us in a detailed form of any incidence involved in firearm killings. It permeates our minds to the point that even though we condemn these actions we accept them as a common occurrence in their lives.

Why is that? I don’t know and I leave it for the psychologists to answer that question. One thing games to mind. The cinematographic industry is ‘regulated’ and their movies are categorized for the audience that could watch the product. Some are for ‘general’ audience and some are ‘restricted’ by ages because of the super violent and/or almost pornographic scenes or contents within that production. (With parent approval some children can watch scenes showing some violence up to a certain degree).

What about the television programs and episodes aired every day and night? I accept that some are not as graphic as the restricted movies but the meaning is the same: violence and killings are normal as breathing and we must ‘accept’ that as a fact of life.

Can we believe that it could and/or would feed the sick mind of a deranged person? I am not a ‘shrink’ and I can’t offer a professional answer to that but I believe it could. A mentally sick person watching those violent movies/programs might tell him/her self: oh my, that’s nothing ... I could do better than that. Could that be true? Maybe that is very possible.

And, how about our young children? From a very tender age they are unfortunately subject to the indoctrination that violence is part of our ‘normal’ life and daily routine. Did you ever watch some of the ‘games’ our ‘kids’ play on their television sets? Even though there are regulations and approved age for those ‘games’ I personally believe parents should and must read their contents and approve them before their young ones can play them. Some are violent, gory, and very graphic.

These are a lot of things that can, should and must be done to control the present violence. I do not believe that ‘weaponry’ control is the absolute answer to the problem. For starters we can stop publishing, describing and glorifying violence in any form by our general media.

Cesar Guerra

Lake Wales