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Before submitting your event, please CLICK HERE to read an important notice about changes to the community calendar submission process.
Please do not enter in ALL CAPS and do not check All Day for time (just set a start time and end time ONLY.)

The "Print edition text" field on this form MUST include cost (if any), time, location and contact number. Those which do not meet this criteria will be omitted from the printed version of the community calendar.

Here are some tips to help you get your event published in the Community Calendar section of the paper and the Sun's online calendar:

* Please fill out all fields on this form. Most of the information will be used in the online calendar. A complete street address will help generate a Bing map to help people find your event.

* The Event Title field allows 20 characters. Use this wisely! Once you complete this, it will be the "Headline" for the On-Line version AND IN THE NEWSPAPER.

* The Print Edition text field is also very important. If the information is not correct in this field, it won't get in the paper! This field should include the time, the location, the contact number and cost, if any. You have 120 characters, so feel free to abbreviate.

* Please do not enter in ALL CAPS and do not check "All Day" for time (just set a start time and end time ONLY.)
Here is an example:

Barbershop Chorus (This is in the Event Title field)
LB Chord Company concert, 2 pm at, 200 E Dearborn St, Eng $5. 474-5555. Public welcome. (Print Edition Text field)

The Sun reserves the right to exclude any submitted event that does not meet our specifications or that requires excessive editing. There is no expressed or implied guarantee that any free event will be included in any event calendar or run in any specific location. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

PAID Listings

If you want more in the paper than you can fit in 120 characters, we can do that for $10 per listing, per day, per community. (Example: One event listing for Charlotte ONLY is $10. If you want it in Sunday through Saturday, the cost will be $70. One event for one day in Charlotte, plus printed in Englewood will be $20, if you want it in Sunday through Saturday the cost will be $140, etc.)

What do you get for a PAID submission?

  • Each PAID listing will be featured at the top of the Community Calendar in the print edition of the paper. (PAID Listings are currently only available in the Charlotte, Englewood and North Port papers). More options will be available soon.
  • Includes 40 characters for the Event Title and 300 characters in the "print edition text."
  • May include one photo or logo with the event, viewable on the online calendar only (not in the printed calendar).
NOTE: All events should be submitted via this online form. Any events the newspaper staff enters for you will cost an additional $5 to enter.