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Remembering Pierce
Wed  Jun 24 2015 08:30AM
Dozens of older Polk County residents crowded the 1908 Courtroom at the Polk History Center Saturday to remember where they once lived, worked and played — a place that has … read more.
Pioneers honored at ceremony
Sat  Jun 20 2015 08:30AM
Joseph F. Darby Sr. and Bud Ennis were honored at the 41st Pioneer Luncheon Thursday for their contributions to Polk County and interviews with them will be on available at … read more.
Helping to ease the jurors
Sat  Jun 20 2015 08:30AM
Being called for jury duty can and often is an intimidating experience for many, said Stacy Butterfield, who heads the Clerk of the Courts department. So she, Taylor Benson, who … read more.
Rabies cases don’t indicate problem
Sat  Jun 20 2015 08:30AM
The fact that the first three cases of rabies were confirmed in Polk County in the last five weeks does not mean something more serious is afoot. Warmer weather could … read more.
More Local News
Top 6 addressed
Wed  Jun 17 2015 08:30AM
Daniel Haight said last week that Lakeland Regional Health is looking at six areas in Polk County that are the top health issues and it is shooting to resolve them to help the community. The non-profit business recently came out … read more.

Toxoplasmosis and what it should mean to you
Wed  Jun 24 2015 08:30AM
There seems to be an epidemic in our office these days; not of toxoplasmosis, but pregnancy. Most people have heard of toxoplasmosis because pregnant women are always cautioned against changing cat litter boxes due to this disease. Beyond that general … read more.

CareerSource Polk gets long term unemployment grant
Wed  Jun 17 2015 08:30AM
As one of 10 Regional Workforce Boards in Florida that received the Job-Driven National Emergency Grant, CareerSource Polk will be able to implement a new work-based training program and offer other services such as coaching, counseling, and direct job placement … read more.

Future demands of water use discussed
Wed  Jun 17 2015 08:30AM
“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink,” is an old rhyme that may describe Central Florida’s future if action isn’t taken to maintain its water supply to match projected population growth. This encroaching trend and the solutions to … read more.

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State, National and World News
Man forgets glasses, buys winning lottery ticket
Tue  Jun 30 2015 01:19AM
FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) — A man in southwestern Connecticut who mistakenly bought the wrong lottery ticket is $30,000 wealthier. Bob Sabo, of Easton, says he didn’t want to wait in line to buy a lottery ticket at the Super Stop … read more.

Wildfire hotspots around the West
Tue  Jun 30 2015 01:19AM
(AP) — Here’s a look at hotspots around the West: Washington Residents of several hundred homes fled when a blaze erupted Sunday outside Wenatchee and spread out of control in hot and windy weather, destroying 24 structures, including houses. “There … read more.

US stocks notch worst day of this year
Tue  Jun 30 2015 01:19AM
NEW YORK (AP) — Fears that Greece’s troubles could spread through the global financial system shook markets on Monday, driving U.S. stocks to their worst day of the year. Investors fled from stocks in Europe and the U.S. and retreated … read more.

NBCUniversal to Trump: You’re fired
Mon  Jun 29 2015 10:40PM
NEW YORK — NBCUniversal, under pressure from an array of Hispanic groups, is severing its business ties to presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Miss USA pageant, scheduled for July 12, will no longer air on the network. Nor will the … read more.

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