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 The Arcadian Top Stories

Pedal & Play benefits riders and community
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:00AM
PUNTA GORDA — For some of the more than 600 riders who joined together in Saturday’s Sixth Annual Pedal & Play in Paradise, the bicycle event was a chance for … Find out how to read more online.
People from around the world are drawn to Southwest Florida
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:00AM
Millions of people find themselves drawn to Florida’s white sand beaches and sunny skies each year for vacations and school breaks, but a growing percentage have come to call the … Find out how to read more online.
John Deere Gator collides with truck on State Road 70
Fri  Mar 27 2015 08:30AM
The Florida Highway Patrol reported a crash on State Road 70 East at Townsend Avenue, DeSoto County, that sent one driver to the hospital in serious condition. According to the … Find out how to read more online.
School Board to consider out-of-district transfer rules
Fri  Mar 27 2015 08:30AM
The DeSoto County School Board is working on changes to its district transfer policy that would likely tighten up the criteria for leaving the district. Before Tuesday’s School Board meeting, … Find out how to read more online.
State, National and World News
Delete, erase, shred
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:19AM
WASHINGTON — In the never-ending quest to preserve the government’s history, there have been plenty of weapons of mass destruction. Before delete keys on computers, there were paper shredders, erase buttons on tape recorders and trash cans. Think Oliver North … read more.

Boko Haram kills 41, prevents hundreds voting in Nigeria
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:19AM
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Boko Haram extremists killed 41 people, including a legislator, and scared hundreds of people from polling stations but millions voted across Nigeria Saturday in the most closely contested presidential race in the nation’s history. All the … read more.

Signs of discord at Iran nuke talks as deadline looms
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:19AM
LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program grew frantic on Saturday amid signs of discord, with the French and German foreign ministers joining U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in talks with Tehran’s top diplomat ahead of an … read more.

Who claims what in Cuba?
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:19AM
Soon after Fidel Castro came to power, his government seized the refineries, hotels and sugar plantations that were the most visible signs of the American hold on the island’s economy. But a look at long- unsettled claims for what was … read more.

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More Local News
Links2Success leads tour of colleges, capital
Fri  Mar 27 2015 08:30AM
Last week, more than 40 DeSoto County students participated in Links to Success’ Second Annual Spring Break College Tour. Participants included students from Links to Success’ College & Career Prep Academy, The Precious Pearls Project, and other students enrolled in … Find out how to read more online.

Buffered impact
Sun  Mar 29 2015 01:00AM
MURDOCK — As Charlotte County, once again, extended the moratorium on nontransportation impact fees, a split within the commission continues, delaying a long-term solution. Citing the ongoing need to stimulate a still-ailing local economy, county officials this week prolonged until … Find out how to read more online.

SR 31 wreck leaves three in serious condition
Fri  Mar 27 2015 08:30AM
The Florida Highway Patrol reported a crash on State Road 31 Friday in DeSoto County that sent two people to Lee Memorial Hospital and one to DeSoto Memorial with serious injuries. According to FHP, a car driven by Erica Diamond, … Find out how to read more online.

Watch for downtown weekend construction
Fri  Mar 27 2015 08:30AM
On Thursday starting at 6 p.m., construction crews will be milling the intersections on Oak Street in downtown Arcadia at both Polk and Monroe in preparation for new asphalt paving. Work will commence at the intersection of Polk and then … Find out how to read more online.

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